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Artrosis "Melange"
Dracul "Die Hand Gottes"
Dark Alliance Compilation
Oxygiene 23 "Blue"
Phelios "Dimension Zero"
Acylum "Your Pain"
Heimataerde "Leben Geben, Leben Nehmen"
Other Day "Erato Azur. Des Auge Klang"
Trobar De Morte "Legends of Blood And Light" ()
Sonne Hagal "JOrdansfrost" ()
Dandelion Wine "An Inexact Science" ()
Birdmachine "Crippled Catharsis"
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Italian Soundtrack ()
Sepia "Goodbye Tristesse" ( )
Uninvited Guest "Malice in Wonderland"
Vigilante "War of Ideas"
Din [A] Tod "The Sound of Crash"
Big City Beats 8 Compilation
Rabia Sorda "Radio Paranoia" limited digipack edition single
- Dvar Vs. Caprice - Stereo
Lingua Fungi "Flowery Dreams" ()
Harvest Rain "Night's Glow" ()
Atrox "Beton Monolith"
Inter Breeding X (Sex, Blood And Electro) Compilation Vol. 1
Hidden Place "Fantasia Meccanica"
Second Disease "While The Masses Sleep"
Depressive Disorder "Ultima Ratio" ()
Moonspell "Night Eternal"
Lacuna Coil "Shallow Life" ()
Crucified Barbara "Til Death Do Us Party" ()
Kirlian Camera "Schmerz"
Blazing Eternity "Times And Unknown Waters"
Artrosis "Fetish"
Dark Sanctuary "Exaudi Vocem Meam Part II" ( digi-pack)
Unheilig "Zelluloid" (!)
Dandelion Wine "All Becompassed By Stars"
Phallus Dei "A Day In The Life Of Brian Wilson" ()
Backworld "Of Silver Sleep"
Sopor Aeternus DVD
Attrition "Elude"
CHROM "Electroscope"
Compilation "Breath Of Doom"
Rising Shadows "Falling Deep Within" ()
Rising Shadows "Found In The Cold" ()
Cemetery Of Scream "Sameone"
Compilation "Inter Breeding X: Kagefighters (sex, blood and electro) - Vol One"
The Dying Art "Quo Vaids..."
The Moors "The Moors"
Retractor "The False Memory"
Marian's Joy "Heaven"
Other Day "Erato Azur. Des Auge Klang"
Pride And Fall "Elements Of Silence" ( )
SOMAN "Sound Pressure 2.0"
Desdemona "_s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A."
Argine "Umori D'autunno" (digipack)
Ad Ombra "Rites of Genesis - Equinox Tremendum" (digi-pack)
Ostara "Immaculate Destruction" (2 disc-digipack)
Dawn Desiree' "Dawn Desiree" ( EP CD-R)
Other Day "Karmapolis"
Felsenreich "Am Ende Der Zeit..."
Dismantled "Dismantled"
COVENANT "Dreams Of A Cryotank"
Artrosis "Melange"
Darkwell "Conflict Of Interest" EP
Compilation "Prophecy Productions - To Magic 2"
Steve Dragon "The Sonic Aura"
Moon "Daemon's Heart"
Compilation "Hate Over Blood Vol. One"
Combichrist "The Joy Of Gunz"
Infra Black "Bloodchaos" (2 discs)
Other Day "Fatum"
All My Faith Lost... "Decade"

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Titlo ""
Para Bellum " "
Sins Of The Flesh "The Death Of The Flesh"
Dark Secret Love "Dark Secret Love"
Amor Fati "Peccatum"
Ayin Aleph "Ayin Aleph I"
Sinmasters "Innocence.Lost"
Bloodwork "The Final End Ppinciple"
Macbeth "Malae Artes"
Love Lies Bleeding "Ellipse"
Paragon of Beauty "The Spring"
Lacklustre Mirror "The Forgotten Songs"
Monoflow "[Transistor] Cloud"
Hexon "In Slow Motion"
West State "Sideways"
Persephone "Letters to a Stranger"
Dee_Waste "_"
Welle:Erdball "Die Wunderwelt der Technik"
Otto Dix " "
Recently Deceased "Cellardoor"
Nexus VI "Electrolust"
Necro Stellar "Saturating Cemetery"
Patenbrigade:Wolff "Demokratischer Sektor"
Elis "Griefshire"
Samael "Eternal"
Dorn "Brennende Kalte"
Tvangeste "Firestorm"
Monokini " "
Caledonian "Acolyte"
Ensoph "Bleeding Womb Of Ananke"
Bloodthorn "In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings"
Attrition "Dante's Kitchen"
Sleeping Gods "New Sensation"
To Elysium "Dearest Vile"
Mystic Circle "Damien"
Mournful Gust "The Frankness Eve"
A Compilation of the German Labels: Noitekk & Black Rain
Asgaard "Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum"
" "
NOIR " "
Caprice "Think Caprice"
Cold Design "For Your Melting Souls ..."
Finisterra "Als Die Erde Eine Scheibe War ..."
Ancient Ceremony "Synagoga Diabolica"
AURORA "Dead Electric Nightmares"
The Cranberries "Bury The Hatchet"
Ayria "Flicker"
Pandemonium "Insomnia"
The Awakening "The Ethereal Menace Project"
Darzamat "Oniriad"
E-Craft "Unsocial Themes"
Les Anges De La Nuit "Under God's Name"
Tactical Sekt "Burn Process"
Menticide "N.M.E."
Midnight Configuration "Sepulchre Rose"
Die Sektor "To Be Fed Upon"
End Of Green "Last Night On Earth"
Sculpture "Sculpture"
Christian Death "The Rage Of Angels"
DE/VISION "Antiquity"
DE/VISION "Fairyland"
SAM "Synthetic Adrenaline Music"
Atargatis "Wasteland"
Userle "Atropa Natura"
Implant "[self-inflicted]"
Keep of Kalesin "Reptilian"
C-Lekktor "The Silence Procession"
Schallfaktor "Sittenverfall"
[T.3.R] " "
DE/VISION "Devolution"
Dark Lunacy "The Diarist"
Attrition "Dante's Kitchen"
Tactical Sekt "Geneticide"
Dark Lunacy "Forget Me Not"
Skorbut "Firewall"
Eeriness "A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time"
Electro Synthetic Rebellion "Wounds And Scars"
Psyclon Nine "Crwn Thy Frnicatr"
Tactical Sekt "Syncope"
The Provenance "Still At Arms Length"
HAUJOBB "Freeze Frame Reality"
Grand Alchemist "Intervening Coma-Celebration"
Return To Khaf'ji "From Darkest Skies"
Killing Ophelia "Last Vision"
RAKOTH "Tiny Deaths"
Evensong "Mysterium"
Thalarion "Four Elements Mysterium"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "All You Need Is Love"
Mysterium "The Glowering Facades Of Night"
Inner Shrine "Fallen Beauty"
Hex On "In Slow Motion"
Atrocity "Atlantis"
Misanthrope "Immortal Misanthrope"
DarkSeed "Astral Adventures"
Mortiis "The GRUDgE"
C-Drone-Defect "Neural Dysorder Syndrome"
Aeternitas "Requiem"
Sethian "Into The Silence"
Mourning Beloveth "Dust"
Deathstars "Synthetic Generation"
In The Woods... "A Return To The Isle Of Men"
Cemetary "An Evil Shade Of Grey"
Catamenia "Chaosborn"
ENDRAUM "Es Ist Ein Augen Blick ..."
Winds "Reflections Of The I"
Gitane Demone "Stars Of Trash"
Psyclon Nine "INRI"
Endless "Vital #1"
Tenhi "Vare"
Callenish Circle "Flesh_Power_Dominion"
Finntroll "Visor Om Slutet"
Babylon Whores "Death Of The West"
Despairation "Songs Of Love And Redemption"
Poema Arcanus "Iconoclast"
This Vale Of Tears "Exceed"
The Howling Void "Shadows Over The Cosmos"
Rotting Christ "Aealo"
Alien Vampires "No One Here Gets Out Alive"
Ewigkeit "Radio Ixtlan"

( , , ):

Oomph! "Wunschkind"
Oomph! "Defekt"
Ordo Equitum Solis "Animi Aegritubo"
Current 93 "Nodding Crosses for the Crooked God"
The 69 Eyes "Wasting. The Dawn"
EverEve "Stormbirds"
Silent Cry "Goddes of Tears"
Anathema "Judgement"
Kovenant "Animatronic"
Nox Mortis "Lies 7"
Tristitia "The Last Grief"
Rage "Lingua Mortis"
Orphaned Land "Sahara"
On Thorns I Lay "Orama"
Megadeth "Hidden Treasures"
Children Of Bodom "Hatebreeder"
Even Song "Of Man's First Disobedience (Expulsion From The Divine Abode)"
Tiamat "Wildhoney"
Moonspell "2econd Skin" EP
Metallica "Ride The Lightning"
Metallica "Master Of Puppets"
Metallica "...And Justice For All"
Metallica "Metallica"
The Offspring "Smash"
Compilation "Beauty In Darkness"
Megadeth "So Far, So Good...So What?"
Nirvana "The Very Best" (compiation)
Megadeth "Youthanasia"
Megadeth "Cryptic Writings"
Atrocity feat. Das Ich "Die Liebe"
Siebenburgen "Delictum"
Penetralia "Carpe Noctem"
Tiamat "Gaia" (mini)
Compilation "Gothic Enigma II"
Theatre Of Tragedy "Virago" EP
Katatonia "Ihva Elonim Meth... The Revival/For Funerals To Come.../Sounds Of Decay"
Grabesmond "Xenoglossie"
Menhir "Thuringia"
Adorned Brood "Asgard"
The Gathering "Liberty Bell" (mini)
May Result "Gorgeous Symphonies Of Evil"
Nature And Organisation "Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude"
Ordo Equitum Solis "Paraskenia"
Cocteau Twins "Treasure"
Rage "Trapped!"
Rapture "Futile"
Marty Friedman "Scenes"
Necrophagia "Holocausto De La Morte"
Love Lies Bleeding "Behold My Vain Sacrifice"
Nokturnal Mortum "Goat Horns"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Soft & Stronger"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Allegro Barbaro"
Mystic Circle "Morgenrote - Der Schrei Nach Finsternis"
Evergrey "Solitude - Dominance - Tragedy"
Children Of Bodom "Tokyo Warhearts - Live In Japan 1999"
Elysium "Dreamscapes"
In Flames "Clayman"
Compilation "HellDorado II"
Stigmatheist "It All Ends Today"
Theatre Of Tragedy "Inperspective" (EP)
Artrosis "Hidden Dimension"
Elend "Lecons De Tenebres"
Mylene Farmer "Collection"
Pilgrimage "9 Songs Of Ecstasy"
Evergrey "In Search Of Truth"
The Bleeding Light "The Bleeding Light"
HIM "Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666"
Falkenbach "...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri"
Metallica "Kill 'Em All"
Megadeth "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!"
Mactatus "The Complex Bewitchment"
Marty Friedman "Dragon's Kiss"
Vanessa Mae "China Girl - The Classical Album 2"


Desdemona "Live 3.0" - R0